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InCharged Affordable High Rated brandable Phone Charging Stations provide FAST Charging Technology, 24/7 support, and LIFETIME Warranty. Made in USA.

High Tech Phone Charging Kiosks | InCharged

Fully customize your cell phone charging station or kiosk from top to bottom including a digital screen to display advertisements.

Quick and powerful charging for nearly all phone brands. At 2.4 amps, our stations will charge your phone more than twice as fast as normal chargers.

Ten minutes of face time. Guaranteed. Our branded charging station products will keep visitors focused on you for at least 10-15 minutes.

When batteries get low, event attendees stop connecting. Show your audience you care with a free phone charge via a state-of-the-art cell phone charging kiosk. 

Medical grade UVC technology used by hospitals is now available on select InCharged products to help disinfect and charge your device.

All of our cell phone charging stations can be wrapped with the design of your choice — use our templates to submit your own, or have our team of expert graphic designers do it for you. Our flagship Flex unit also features an HD screen to display slides, photos, or videos of your choice.

All of our technology can be either rented or purchased, so there’s an option for every budget. We offer freestanding mobile charging kiosks, cell phone charging tables, phone charging lockers with UVC disinfection technology, and even compact phone chargers for small spaces. Keep your guests charged up so they can connect with your brand both online and off.

The flagship cell-phone charging station.

The Flex Charging Kiosk is a lightweight, free-standing station – easy to transport, set-up, and configure. True to it’s name, the Flex provides clients with plenty of customization flexibility: either standing, wall-mounted, or as a tabletop unit. With 12 charging tips, the Flex provides a charge to all modern and legacy Android and iOS devices. Flex stations are fully brandable, providing 360 degrees of marketing and messaging potential. The 20-inch HD screen plays video and audio, so your audience will stay engaged as they charge their phones.

Your audience will gather somewhere – why not around you?

Our brand new Charging Table is equipped with a wireless charging surface as well as 2 A/C outlets and 4 industrial cables to accommodate most popular smartphones and tablets. A scratch-resistant polycarbonate tabletop with RGB LED accent lighting, custom branding options, and safe, efficient charging technology built right in is a convenient solution that keeps patrons connected in a variety of settings.

You asked, we listened: These industry-leading Charging Lockers are perfect for building trust with attendees at trade shows and events – and now they feature more chambers and an upgraded HD screen. The 8 Chamber Cell Phone Charging Locker is a free-standing unit that is PCI compliant and features pin code access, support for nearly every phone, and custom branding opportunities. These charging lockers also have the added benefit of UVC disinfection — each chamber is fitted with one UVC bulb which disinfects cell phones and other items as they are stored.

Three words: Powerful. Brandable. Affordable

The PowerMethod is a lightweight yet sturdy and affordable phone charging station. In total, there are 8 A/C outlets and 10 built-in charging cables – four at 2.4 amps, and six at 1 amp. Our standard model is a single-sided free standing unit (see specs below). The PowerMethod is also available in multiple tabletop models (large and small) as well as a wall-mountable version.

The PowerMethod Plus packs a punch. Provide a charge for your attendees even on a budget.

The PowerMethod Plus is a lightweight yet sturdy and affordable phone docking station equipped with quick charge technology. In total, there are eight built-in charging cables that charge from 1 – 2.4 amps. Our standard model is a single-sided free standing unit. The PowerMethod is also available in multiple tabletop models (large and small) as well as a wall-mountable version.

The UVC Disinfection cabinet is a the perfect tool for keeping your personal items free from harmful pathogens, incredibly quickly and efficiently. Using eight 8w UVC bulbs, the unit is capable of disinfecting anything placed inside in three minutes or less! This fully brandable disinfection cabinet is perfect to help protect your event-goers and augment your activation.

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Our award winning InCharged team builds kickass event tech, custom vending machines, photo booths and phone charging stations for some of the world’s largest brands. Reliable, effective, and unforgettable, our event tech is just what your audience has been looking for.

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