Experience the Magnificence of Royal Palaces in Rajasthan
Want to discover India’s royal magnificence and grandeur dating back to several centuries?

Want to discover India’s royal magnificence and grandeur dating back to several centuries? Pack your bag and get ready to visit the beautiful state of Rajasthan. White and golden-sand deserts, majestic palaces, ancient royal culture, arid landscapes, and traditional crafts make this Indian state a must-visit tourist destination.

When talking about the Rajasthani royal culture, the name of Jodhpur city comes to the top. If you are traveling to this blue city, you must discover the royal palaces in Rajasthan as these are being titled its pride.

Most Famous Historical Royal Palace of Rajasthan

Any Rajasthan tour will always be considered incomplete without a visit to the massive royal forts and palaces. These are the major tourist attractions drawing the attention of travelers from various nooks of the world.

Here are the two most famous royal palaces in Rajasthan widely known for captivating architecture and royalty.

1. Chanoud Garh

Designed in contemporary and Rajput styles, Chanoud Garh offers the perfect retreat experience for couples. Every room has a bespoke interior that gives the feeling of royalty. Chanoud Garh is certainly one of the best romantic palaces in Rajasthan. You should not miss visiting with your partner.

2. Umaid Bhawan Palace

Featuring the perfect blend of Indian and Art Deco styles, Umaid Bhawan Palace is world’s one of the largest residencies. This palace was built by Umaid Singh and Henry Vaughan Lanchester in 1943. It was designed using golden-yellow sandstones and Makrana marble. It is, at the same time – the best palaces in Rajasthan to stay and a museum. Even it is the private residence of Jodhpur’s royal family of the present owner.  

3. Jaswant Thada

Built in the honor and memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II, Jaswant Thada is a splendid ancient marble cenotaph monument. It was built by his son “Maharaja Sardar Singh” in the year 1899 using ancient pure white marble. It is considered the royal family’s cremation ground. Visitors can see local musicians and folk dancers giving an amazing performance in the monument for their entertainment.  

Be a Part of the Royal Palace in Rajasthan

Witness the real magnificence of these and other renowned palaces closely by booking them for your accommodation. Chanoud Garh is one of the most recommended palaces in Rajasthan to stay in. It is located amidst the golden sands of the famous Thar desert. The entire staff brings together the well-admired Rajput hospitality by providing their guests a home-like experience.


This 300-year-old fort palace has suites that are well-equipped with all essential amenities to ensure the utmost comfort and satisfaction of visitors. From tasty local cuisine and outdoor activities to furnished rooms, you’ll get everything here for a comfortable, delightful, and memorable stay.