The 10th squad and the player fight the demon
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The 10th squad and the player fight the demon

Jungle Demon fight is OSRS gold a difficult one to master, so bank for the required items. Full health and prayer points are essential for this particular battle. Maging/ranging using a Dwarf multicannon or by tricking the monster into the 10th group of gnomes those are the best methods to defeat your Jungle Demon. Each of these strategies has been tested multiple times by various players, so you can choose the one which suits your style of play the best. Bring lobsters or other quality foods, a one-click transfer (just in case) and a variety of prayer potions. Enable to protect yourself from Magic before you begin teleporting. It is recommended to take an antipoison drug also.

Make sure to wear a sigil when you decide to start the battle. Then, shortly after, you'll be transported to the arena of the Jungle Demon. To advance, you must defeat The Jungle Demon. You'll be assisted by 10th Squad gnomes. 10th Squad gnomes, however you must be the one to hit the final blow, as the Demon is healed for up to 25% of max health.

The 10th squad and the player fight the demon.

Strategies for Magic and Ranged: It is strongly recommended to use ranged or Magic, in addition to having at least 37 or higher prayer level. Demons can be seen on the other side of the bridge. This allows you to range him from a distance. 10th Squad gnomes will start diminishing his. You must wait until Jungle Demon's health reaches dangerous range. Then, turn on the Protect from Magic and quickly run next at him Jungle Demon and then hit him one time. Rebound afterward, but do not appear to be an hero. If you're protected from magic, this can stop Demon from using Melee and leave with nothing to worry about. You can stay clear of taking damage throughout the fight by standing still once you're teleported into the arena. This way the Demon will never move and it will also not employ it's Melee attack. Remember that you'll only gain this benefit for as long as you keep your prayer up.

Strategy that works for Melee: Jungle Demon regenerates its health for a couple of seconds after it cheap RS gold reaches 1 HP gained from the gnomes. You can use this time to melt him. Also think about using rings for recoil.