7 Amazing Innovations That Will Help Your Next Concrete Project
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Are you looking for ways to create interesting concrete projects for your clients in Portland? As technology continues to advance, construction innovation seems to be taking the construction industry by storm. In fact, about 70 percent of contractors believe that innovations and technology increase productivity, enhance safety, and improve schedules. When it comes to ranking customer interest in concrete structures, innovation, and technology feature prominently. So, how are the best concrete contractors in Portland doing?

The construction industry continues to grow and change with innovations and new developments. If you want to get the best concrete structure, you need to understand some innovative new ideas used in construction projects.

Here are seven innovative ideas that will make your next concrete project a success.

Flexible concrete

There is a bendable type of concrete reinforced by fiber. This bendable concrete is great for your next concrete project. Although it looks similar to regular concrete, it is many more times resistant to cracking and significantly lighter compared to regular concrete.

The secret to the flexibility of the concrete lies in its composition. It is made up of 100 microns' diameter silica sand and minute alcohol fibers made from polyvinyl covered with a slick coating. When the fibers are overloaded, they begin to slip rather than fracture like conventional concrete, thereby producing concrete that bends without breaking.

You can use the flexible concrete in projects, such as bridges and buildings in regions that are highly susceptible to tremors and earth movements.

Lightweight concrete

Another innovative idea that will give your concrete project some class and durability is lightweight concrete. Some of the best concrete contractors Portland are already using lightweight concrete projects. Architectural cladding panels weigh 66 percent less than the normal precast panels because the cladding panels are made with carbon fiber reinforcements. The reinforcing made from carbon fiber resists corrosion, thereby requiring a less amount of concrete cover.

You can also integrate the thin lightweight concrete with insulation to increase the R-value of the wall systems. Carbon cast can reduce the weight of the concrete significantly. This automatically eliminates the need for barrier coatings and sealers. The lightweight concrete can be used in concrete driveway repair Portland, slabs, and load-bearing exterior walls.

Translucent fabric

Although the idea of using translucent fabric is not new in the construction industry, there is a way that you can use the material to build unique structures. Since translucent fabric creates clear concrete, you can use it to build structures that transmit light through the concrete. Translucent fabric will definitely make your concrete project stand out and attract new clients who are looking for something rare and exceptional.

If the goal is to bring in more light or elegance to your concrete projects, roofs, floors, or even walls, this innovation is for you. Lucky for you, it is no longer in the experimental stage, it is available in the market.

Permeable concrete

One of the qualities of good concrete is its ability to absorb water and prevent flooding. Permeable concrete will improve the appearance of your driveway or parking area, especially during rainy days by absorbing the water.

Imagine how annoying it would be stepping out of your car only to step on a puddle of water on the cemented ground. Permeable top mix concrete can absorb around 1500 liters of water per square meter each minute. This type of concrete is used during the construction of roads, and it is perfect for driveways as well.

Rainwater in your parking area or driveway will be absorbed through the top surface of the permeable concrete and drain into the lower aggregate layers, leaving your driveway dry and clean.

UHPC (ultra-high performance concrete)

Have you thought about integrating the new UPHC concrete technology in your next project? This new concrete is majorly conventional concrete and fibers made of polyester and stainless steel. You should consider UHPC concrete for field cast, bridge decks, and girders projects because of the following three qualities:

· Thaw resistant

· Chloride permeability

· Abrasion-resistant

Innovative formwork

The modular formwork is faster than conventional formworks because it is easy to assemble and pour, thereby saving contractors a lot of time and energy. Another great formwork concrete innovation for your parking area is the tunnel formwork. This formwork mixes the accuracy, quality, and speed with the flexibility and finesse of every concrete project. Concrete contractors that use the tunnel formwork cast the walls and slabs

3D printing

3D concrete printing has a lot of benefits that will make your project attract new clients and make a statement in the construction industry. 3D concrete printing facilitates the expanding of structures, saves time, and is cheap thereby making it possible to build affordable homes for your client.

Which innovative idea did you like the most? Here at Xcelent Concrete, we offer building and civil construction services in Portland. Reach out today and book a consultation.