Best exercises for improving fertility
Best exercises for improving fertility

Isit taking longer than expected for you to get pregnant?

If so, then you should take a hard look at your lifestyle. While youmay feel tremendously fragile at this time, we can assure you that the rightamount and type of exercise, can enhance your fertility andimprove your ability to conceive.



When you may be attempting to become pregnant,you may feel as though your body is beyond your control. Moderate exercise canbe very empowering in alleviating the stress of infertility. Bycombining regular workouts with a healthy diet, you can take control of yourbody and ensure a healthy child. Always listen to your body, and stay hydrated.Maintaining a healthy weight also helps you to support a pregnancy.


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Best exercises for improving fertility


• Walking: Excellent for cardio, endurance &a great stress buster.

• Dancing: Improves blood flow with calorieburn.

• Bicycling: Keeps one fit, active and happy.

• Yoga: A soothing way to relax & beat the stress.

• Pilates: A relaxing way to stay healthy andimprove one’s fertility.

• Swimming: Best workout to calm one’s mind& body.