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IGet Max

Iget Max is a comfortable disposable vapes australia that doesn't burn your hand. It contains 8ml of e-liquid made with 50mg nicotine, which can take up to 2200+ puffs from the device's 950mAh battery.Iget Max Disposable is a device that is designed for occasional use. They are built with a light metal and have a comfortable handle, which allows for the best inhalation experience possible.

Iget Max Disposable vape is specifically designed to be a disposable device for leisure vaping. It is made with light SS material and provides a comfortable feeling in the hand. The mouthpiece is designed in such a way to allow for the best inhalation, with every puff delivering the perfect amount of vapour.

IGET King Flavour

If you are looking for a great way to enjoy your favourite juice, make sure you look at the IGET KING disposable vape. Unlike cigarettes, you have the option to get a couple puffs from the IGET King Vape and then store it away for later. Unlike cigarettes, you have the alternative to take a couple of puffs of you vape and leave it for later.

IGET KING is a 2,600 puff, single-use disposable vape pen that has 8.5ml of liquid that lasts for 3-6 days. IGET KING starts off setting our standards higher, with a large storage area that allows for 8.5ml e-liquid capacity and a capacity of 2600 puffs, this model is going to surpass your expectations. The IGET King Vape is a thin, well-built, disposable vape that has a huge capacity for 2,600+ puffs, as well as having a transparent atomizer tank, giving you an obvious indication as to just how long your IGET King is sure to last. Another advantage of the IGET KING Disposable Vape is the fact that it produces excellent flavours. Puffspod supply best quality, comforting IGET nicotine disposable vapes in Australia.



The iget bar 3500 has a spectacular size, which allows you to vape for as long as you want, without having to worry about filling up the tank or charging up the battery.


IGET King Cherry

The IGET King is a revolutionary 2600 puff disposable pod device that is housed in the largest disposable vape, with amazing flavour and the largest capacity. The IGET King will be there for whenever you need it, and comes in unbeatable time efficiency. is the most trusted online vape store, providing high-quality vape products, vape liquids, vape tanks, e-cigarettes, disposables, and other vaping gear.  Puffspod Online Vape Shop offers widest selection of vape kits, vape coils, vape pods, tanks, disposable vape bars, vape pen, vape liquid, vape juice, and e-cigs.