The Diffrences between LR44 and 357 Battery
lR44 batteries and 357 batteries that are round, flat, and look like small silver buttons seem to look the same. Since they all look the same, can they be used universally?

This blog will introduce differences, as well as interchangeability.

The Diffrences between LR44 and 357 Battery

Overview of LR44 Battery

The  LR44 battery is a common coin cell battery that is used in a wide range of electronic devices, including toys, remote controls, watches, calculators, and so on. It is manufactured by virtually all recognized brands. LR44 battery features a diameter of 11.6 mm (0.457 inches) and a height of 5.4 mm (0.213 inches). The LR44 battery is typically a 1.5 Volt with an operating temperature ranging from 0°C- 60°C, while the optimal temperature is 20°C.

Overview of 357 Battery


The 357 battery is a tiny battery with many uses. This 1.5-volt size 357 battery is used in watches, medical equipment, laser pointers, and more. Size 357 batteries are silver oxide batteries, while A76 batteries are alkaline batteries.

LR44 Features:

Excellent cost performance

High-cost performance has been achieved owing to the use of manganese dioxide as a cathode material.

Excellent stable discharge and high-drain pulse discharge characteristics

Stable voltage output is available during the high-drain pulse discharge.

Excellent leakage resistance

Murata-unique sealing structure, coupled with special sealing-material treatment, has helped accomplish excellent leakage resistance.

RoHS  Directive / European Directives

This product does not contain Mercury(Hg), Cadmium(Cd), nor Lead(Pb), and conforms to EC regulation values. (Directive 2006/66/EC, 2013/56/EU)


The battery pack is excluded from the RoHS directive. (DIRECTIVE 2011/65/EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 8 June 2011 on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment).


357 Battery Features

  • Chemical System: Silver Oxide (Zn/Ag2O)
  • Designation: ANSI-1131SO, IEC-SR44
  • Nominal Voltage: 1.55 Volts
  • Typical Capacity: 150 mAh* (to 1.2 volts)
  • Capacity Test: 6.8K ohm continuous drain at 21°C
  • Typical Weight: 2.3 grams (0.08 oz.)
  • Typical Volume: 0.57 cubic centimeters (0.035 cubic inch)
  • Impedance (40 Hz): 5 to 15 ohms



LR44 Dimensions

357 Dimensions

LR44 vs. 357 Interchangeability

357 silver oxide is a 1.55V Silver Oxide button cell battery. The 357 silver oxide is the same size as the LR44 but performs better and lasts longer.


This 357/303 is not automatically interchangeable with the LR44 because the low mAh(capacity) of the LR44 and lower voltage will cause very poor performance for devices designed for the 357. For long life and steady power output use only the 357 silver oxide. For example, it is best to use this battery in the Insulin pump MiniMed 507C and not the LR44 even though it is less expensive.