Online Trademark Registration Services
A trademark may be described as the precise identification that makes your company, product, or service stick out from the rest. A registered trademark is your business’s highbrow property/ intangible asset.

A trademark may be described as the precise identification that makes your company, product, or service stick out from the rest. A registered trademark is your business’s highbrow property/ intangible asset. It protects the funding made into developing trust and loyalty amongst your customers. The registration gives the right to sue in opposition to others who try and copy your trademark and forestalls others from the use of a similar trademark to the one registered by you. A trademark can be any word, phrase, design, symbol, or a aggregate of these items that identifies your items or services. It’s how clients apprehend you with inside the market and distinguish you out of your competitors.Lexntax provide the best online trademark registration services.

A trademark:

  • Identifies the supply of your items or offerings.
  • Provides legal safety of your brand.
  • Helps you shield in opposition to counterfeiting and fraud.

A common false impression is that having an indicator method you legally own a specific phrase or word and might save others from the usage of it. However, you don’t have rights to the phrase or word in general, only to how that phrase or word is used together along with your precise goods or online trademark registration services.

The Trade Marks Registry became established in India in 1940 and currently it administers the Trade Marks Act, 1999 and the regulations there under. It acts as a useful resource and facts centre and is a facilitator in subjects referring to trade marks in the country. The goal of the Trade Marks Act, 1999 is to sign up trademarks carried out for in the country and to offer for higher safety of trade mark for items and offerings and additionally to save you fraudulent use of the mark. The foremost characteristic of the Registry is to sign up alternate marks which qualifies for registration under the Act and Rules.


  1. Global permits:

Online trademark registration services facilitates the home investors in getting exposed to the worldwide marketplace via International Trademark System. It is critical to note that even Non-Resident Indians and foreigners are eligible to sign up a trademark in India. On the opposite hand, Indians can sign up their trademarks globally.

  • Exclusive rights:

The advantage of having right to completely use it in respect of the products and offerings provided by the enterprise entity.

  • Exclusive identification:

The product and offerings furnished by the enterprise are uniquely diagnosed by customers and audiences. This helped to construct a marketplace popularity and for that reason, turns into the face of the enterprise entity. It guarantees the only possession of a selected image, logo, call, such that it is not misused.

  • Building up trust or Goodwill:

Serving excellent services and products under a registered trademark builds up a picture of the business entity in the marketplace. It additionally portrays that the enterprise cares about the brand building and this passes on advantageous values about the brand to the clients or public.

  • Legal safety:

Once the Online trademark registration services, an infringement of the present trademark may be sued via way of means of the owner. Thus, it offers sure legal safety in following situations:

  • Before any dealer creates their trademark.
  • Avoids possibilities of infringement as in the procedure one would possibly locate trademark via Trademark Database or Trademark Registry.
  • In instances whilst a dealer attempts to sign up the same logo name as present in the Trademark Registry, it’d be objectionable in the Trademark’s Office.
  • In case of infringement, one is capable of obtain the right to assert under some certain conditions.
  • Protection from infringement claims:

Once the trademark is registered, one may be certain of the infringement claims. This means if the trademark is recorded, one may also require a proper legal proof in order to protect a trademark publically.

  • The value in the marketplace:

A trademark standardizes the product and offerings furnished via way of means of the enterprise entity in the marketplace. This builds up the value of the brand such that it is straightforward for a consumer or a potential consumer to identify the organization or brand in the marketplace.

  • The right to use the symbol R:

Once registered, one may also use the symbol for items and offerings indexed with inside the registration.

  • Intangible assets:

In the legal sense, a registered trademark is regularly called an identifiable intangible asset. It attaches to the popularity or goodwill of the product.

  1. Hypothecation or safety:

A registered trademark may be hypothecated for the reason of safety in order to stable loans. Here it’s far pledged in a comparable way as a immovable assets is bonded.

It thus becomes clear that it’s far important to get a trademark sign up.More info visit to