Play To Earn And Play To Own - Which One Is The Best?
The gaming community is one of the largest communities in the world. This is why new innovations are exploding in this space from time to time. Now, Web3 games are on this list. We hope you have heard about P2E games, but what is play to Own?– Find out!

It is so obvious that blockchain has generated many revenue-yielding products for technology buffs. Also, its popularity is branching across different industries. Among them, gaming is one of the best platforms that has utilized blockchain competently. Blockchain-based games would be the first choice for game lovers because they can both have fun and earn by playing. 


Play-To-Earn (P2E): Earn While You Play

P2E helps gamers to earn six digits from the platform. Yes, this is undoubtedly an evolving trend in the gaming industry. Followed by the massive hit of Play-to-Earn games, another competitive concept emerged called Play-to-Own. With constant innovation in this space, developing a game with the help of a skilled Smart contract development company will be the best way to take a competitive advantage. 


Play To Earn And Play To Own - Explanations


Play to earn is very useful for gamers as it helps to earn real cash. It is not the case in traditional games because they only provide fun. P2E gaming platforms reward players with cryptocurrency for their gaming performance. 


On the other hand, Play to Own is where users get digital assets on a platform. Players can share their digital assets in any exchange platform equivalent to the number of assets they own. 

Characteristics of Play to Own and Play To Earn

This section contains the features of P2E and Play to Own games given as follows.


Qualities Of Play To Earn 

  • Smart contracts: The role of smart contracts is to automate the player reward system without requiring the need of an administrator. If the contracts are developed using the finest blockchain smart contract development services, it will be impossible to tamper and hack. 

  • Fraud prevention:
    When compared to Web2 games, Web3 games will have more resistance to hackers. Thus, it improves the fairness of the game. 

  • Microtransactions: In P2E games, users can play the game immediately after making a small transaction on the platform. If the player adds subscribers, they can earn additionally. 


Isn’t it amazing to earn real money simply by playing games? Well, this time, it is advantageous for both users and the gaming platform. Now, let us move on to the features of the play-to-own games. 


Qualities Of Play To Own

  • Own & Trade: In P2E, users get crypto rewards for completing game tasks. In play-to-own gaming platforms, users get a digital asset, such as a property, house, store, or anything similar to our real world. The respective asset owners will possess complete control over them. Ultimately, users can trade those assets in a digital marketplace. 

  • Ownership: Play to own is moving at a skyrocketing speed. Like P2E games give ownership to digital coins, play-to-own games provide ownership to digital assets. Also, users can sell these assets if they want to. 

  • Rarity: In play to own a game, users can gain ownership of rare digital assets in exchange for the gaming tasks they complete. Added to that, the reward asset will be unique and inimitable. 


Undoubtedly, reward-based games are gaining popularity, and the demand is getting too high. Eventually, they will onboard more users in the upcoming years. Moreover, Play to Own does look like a good competitor for Play to Earn games. What do you say?