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Which Tarp type is best for your use?

There are diverse types of Tarps used for various purposes. Providing protection to your house, boat, car, or truck, and for wood piles and more. Great for construction sites, residential and commercial roofs, and just about any need for waterproof and UV protection.

Tarps Heavy Duty and Tarps Super Heavy Duty are some of the options.


Poly tarps:

 Poly tarps are extremely durable and waterproof. They are also mildew and tear-resistant and can be used for multiple purposes. Easy to handle and to store. Poly Tarps are your first choice for protection against storms and hurricanes. Perfect for cars, trucks, boats, landscaping, and wood piles.




Heavy Duty tarps: 

Made from 2-ply material, twice as thick as standard Poly Tarps. Extra-durable, providing long-lasting protection. Commonly used to withstand harsh weather conditions. With a higher fabric weave count and grommets spaced closer together they are more resistant to wear and tear.


Canvas tarps: 

Eco-friendly material gaining in popularity. Made from cotton fabrics which are breathable and quite durable. Canvas painting tarps are also available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Use these tarps for your truck or trailer. Water-resistant material that can also be used for covering outdoor furniture.


Clear Vinyl tarps: 

Extremely high quality and optically super-clear. Used for various residential and industrial purposes. Extra heavy material with brass grommets, 100% waterproof, mildew and UV resistant. Available in multiple sizes and are effective in adding a layer of protection to your assets.


With these popular types and styles of Tarps you can order in over 40 sizes at affordable prices - directly from our company.


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