Arjuna Capsule
ARJUNA Capsule is a combination of natural extracts of ARJUNA that improve overall functioning of the heart and make it sound and healthy. Daily consumption of this capsule helps a lot in promoting good heart health. It is manufactured at advanced manufacturing facilities under a careful supervision of qualified and experienced health professionals.

Arjuna Capsule opens blockage of arteries, reduces heart failure & normalizes high blood pressure.

Arjuna capsules are primarily used for the treatment of heart diseases. If there is any problem with your heart, then you can consume it blindly. It is beneficial in diseases like heart weakness, heart pain or angina pectoris, nervousness due to heart failure; high heartbeat, weakening of heart muscles, increased cholesterol, and high blood pressure. It prevents the hardening of heart vessels, and blood clotting, and normalizes blood circulation. It is used to treat high BP and antioxidants. The problem of urine infection can also be overcome by the consumption of Arjuna capsules. If you are troubled by a cough, take Arjuna Capsule, and get instant relief. Apart from this, it is also helpful in reducing weight.