Animal Healthcare Market Outlook, Overview, And Analysis During The Forecast Period 2019-2027
Animal Healthcare Market

The Animal Healthcare Market is anticipated to grow as foodborne and zoonotic diseases become more common. For instance, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported in May 2019 that salmonella infection (also known as salmonellosis) causes roughly 1.2 million illnesses and 450 deaths each year in the United States, and that in 2018, there were 18 outbreaks reported, 15 of which were related to food.

Animal health and welfare is a crucial element of food safety because it starts on the farm. Public health, animal production, food security and supply, rural economies, and the environment are all protected by maintaining animal health and preventing animal diseases. Animal healthcare focuses on the accurate diagnosis and treatment of various diseases in animals in order to effectively manage an animal's health.

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