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Violin Technologies provides sourcing and vendor consolidation services. Find the right vendor at the right moment contact us for more information.

Sourcing & Vendor Consolidation

We are an extension of your sourcing and purchasing organization

With the rapid evolution in production needs across the globe, the key strategic issue is to find the right vendor at the right moment. Our engagement with our customers’ does not stop with Violin’s in-house manufacturing capabilities. We are an extension of your supply chain team right from vendor identification to supply management.

We are an extension of your sourcing and purchasing organization

Line Leasing model for the various process :In the manufacturing industry, keeping up with the production capacities is just one part of the manufacturing life cycle. However, keeping up with the demand, and adding new manufacturing models to reach market expectations is always challenging. With our Manufacturing Leasing Lines, we help your manufacturing units scale up to the market demands.

Develop Supplier Quality MetricsHaving supplier metrics for the vendors helps you to gauge the quality of the suppliers. We help you develop your supplier quality metrics, so you on-board the right supplier, adhering to your quality standards.

Design manufacturing process, control plan, and Quality plan for each part numberHaving a manufacturing establishment is just not enough to run a successful manufacturing organization. Having the right manufacturing process, a control plan which includes a product part approval plan, and a quality plan for each part does contribute towards an organizations’ success.

Our other service offerings for manufacturing industry include :

The key step in the procurement process is to obtain the right supplier. We at Violin technologies aim at meeting the client’s expectations regarding cost, quality, deadline as well as performance.

Our Sourcing services include but not limited to




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