Bulk Shatavari Extract Powder
Shatavari extract powder is now being used heavily across industries for various purposes. Place your order in bulk quantities at affordable prices with Green Jeeva.

Shatavari extract powder 20% Saponins GV

Also known as Shatamull, Shatavari belongs to Asparagaceae. It is native to  India and Australia. Steroidal saponins, mucilage, and alkaloids are the major active components present in this root. It is very nutritious because it contains vitamins and minerals like vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, Mg, P, Ca, Fe, and folic acid. It is a powerhouse of potent antioxidants like quercetin, rutin, racemofuran, asparagamine A, and racemosol that protect our cells from harmful free radicles. Intake of this root is good for the immune system, heart, and memory health.