Consolidate And Ship Guide: Shipping To Iraq
Before you are shipping to Iraq, you must know shipping restrictions and how you can manage shipping restrictions to Iraq.

Consolidate And Ship Guide: Shipping To Iraq

raqis are switching to online shopping, with the popularity of the e-commerce industry growing worldwide. As a result, In 2019, Iraq was the 75th biggest importer of the US, says the office of the United States Trade Representative. Therefore, buying from the US is more accessible, but you may face importing issues when importing something to Iraq. That is why if you know the challenges you may have to face when shipping to Iraq, it will be a lot easier for you.

In this blog, we will explain which items are restricted or prohibited to ship to Iraq. Also, you will find the solution of how you can manage to ship to Iraq. In addition, we will focus on how you can shop and ship to Iraq without any hesitations and at the lowest shipping rates.

Table Of Contents:

  1. Restricted items
  2. Dangerous goods
  3. Prohibited items
  4. Managing shipping restrictions to Iraq
  5. How can I ship dangerous goods?
  6. Conclusion

Restricted Items: Shipping To Iraq

If the items that you want have the restrictions, you will need certain approval documentation before you can ship them. It depends on the type of items, the quantity or weight, and the destination you choose. Iraq has its own rules other than the Gulf countries on what can or cannot be shipped, so you must know which items are restricted while sending to Iraq. It would be best to prepare the special documentation or permits needed to ship these items to your final destination. 

The following items are currently on the restricted list:

  • Animals and animal products
  • Measuring tools
  • Plants and plant products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Transmitter and receivers
  • Porks and porks products

Dangerous Goods

Those products are classified as dangerous because they can cause several incidents like catching fire or causing harm to someone, especially when packed incorrectly. These products include lithium batteries, perfumes, nail polish, and makeup products.

Prohibited Items: Shipping to Iraq

Unlike the restricted items, prohibited items are those which cannot ship to Iraq in any situation. According to the Iraq post, the following items are prohibited and strictly banned to import into the country. Iraqi customs have the authority to demolish any products which are on the prohibited list, and they will probably be confiscated and not returned to you in any case.

Following products are currently on the prohibited list.

  • Bottles
  • Communist material
  • Dry ice
  • Items offensive to Muslim culture
  • Adult toys
  • Arms and weapons
  • Illegal narcotics and drugs
  • Alcohol and spirits

Managing of Shipping to Iraq

While you are shipping to Iraq, you need specific documentation and permits to forward your package to your final destination. There are several options where you can send your parcel to Iraq if your items are not found in the list of restricted or prohibited items. Such an option is you can get the package forwarding service from the following companies:

  1. You can pick Global Shopaholics as your package forwarder that gives you free storage for 180 days, along with a free US address in Delaware, US. 
  2. You can get the services from MyUS that offers their customers MyUS premium membership along with a tax-free US address in Florida, US. Not only that, these companies will ship your package as soon as possible. 
  3. You can also get the services from another package forwarding company known as Stackry. They will provide you 45 days of free storage along with a tax-free US address in Hampshire, US.

You can also tell your package forwarder to buy items for you if the international store doesn’t accept your credit cards. Then, they will purchase the items for you and ship them to you: this service is called assisted purchase, purchase assistance, shop for me, etc.

For getting comparable shipping prices, you can calculate your shipping cost by using the freight forwarders shipping calculator. A lower price often offers slower shipping, while faster shipping is usually pricier. Also, tell your package forwarder to consolidate your packages into one box; it will help you reduce the shipping cost by up to 80% off.

How Can I Ship Dangerous Goods?

You can ship dangerous goods like lithium batteries, perfumes and nail polish, and other cosmetics products through a courier service like Aramex, and DHL.

Note: The companies mentioned above will only be able to ship your products if it is not on the Iraqi restricted list. They can send it to you if they have the license to import such items for you.


Iraqis are converting to online shopping with the world. However, you should know of shipping restrictions in Iraq. If you don’t have the required license or permits, you will not be able to ship your product if it is on the restricted list. However, you can import your package if you choose certified shippers. Also, you can use their shipping calculators to get comparable shipping prices.