How Can I Start an ICO Platform, After Creating a Crypto Token?
Choose the right crypto token type and launch ICO successfully -

In present days, an initial coin offering is the most preferred choice of fundraising method among many startups, and business people. This is because ICO is not regulated by any of the governing bodies. So, budding startups can easily raise their capital in a successful manner. 


Now, let's start with the crypto token development - 


Here are some steps that might be helpful for you to launch an ICO


  • Creation of an understandable white paper 

  • Pick the expert set of team

  • Create a crypto token on popular token standards - ( ERC20, TRC20, BEP20, ERC721, TRC721, BEP721)

  • Develop an attractive ICO Website - preferring ICO script helps to launch ICO quickly 

  • Promote your ICO website globally 

  • Pre-announcement of the ICO - For pre-sale 

  • Start ICO Crowdsale 


While thinking of launching an ICO platform, creating crypto tokens is the major step. In fact, choosing the best blockchain token standard is the key success of your ICO campaign. 


Here I will help you to find the best token standards from popular blockchains.


Currently, Ethereum, Tron, and BNB chain are the popular blockchains in the crypto ecosystem. Its  well-performing token standards are,


  • Ethereum - ERC20, ERC721, ERC1400

  • Tron - TRC20, TRC721 

  • BNB Chain - BEP20, BEP721


By choosing the token standards from the above-mentioned ones, you can develop fungible and non-fungible tokens to raise your required funds or earn huge profits. 


Being a crypto enthusiast, what I recommend as a cost-effective way to launch an ICO is to reach out to a reputable ICO development service provider. Their skilled blockchain developers will provide you the first-class Token Development Services and ICO development services. 


So, join hands with them and get succeeded in your business.