How Prevalent Is Carisoprodol (Soma)
Soma is the brand name for the prescription medicine carisoprodol, a muscle relaxer with dreamy properties that depresses activity in the central nervous system

 What Are the Risks?

While Soma online is by and large safe when taken as determined by a specialist, there are understood aftereffects. These can include

 • Dizziness.

 • Headaches.

 • Vomiting.

 • Drowsiness.

 • Fast heart rate.

 • Clumsiness.

 • Hallucinations.

 • Amnesia.

 Signs of Overdose

It's possible to overdose on Soma, and the number of people who overdose on the medicine is rising each year. The number of emergency room visits related to Soma overdoses doubled from visits in 2004 to visits in 2009. In1/3 of these emergency room visits, the person was admitted to the hospital for farther treatment. Signs of a Soma overdose include

 • Braked breathing.

 • Low blood pressure.

 • Loss of muscle control.

 • Rigid muscles.

 • Repetitious, unbridled eye movements.

 • Blurred vision.

 • Dilated pupils.

 • Hallucinations.

 • Delirium.

 • Seizures

 • Coma.


Mixing with Other Medicines