RuneScape is one of the grandfathers of the MMORPG genre
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RuneScape is one of the grandfathers of the MMORPG genre

Pfeiffer also mentions the success of Melvor Idle as proof that potential talent can emerge from the community of any game as Jagex has already discovered with OSRS Gold. "We've always noticed that it to be the RuneScape community to be an excellent resource of potential talent to Jagex not only in terms of game designers but any of the various roles in a studio for games," he says. "RuneScape has had almost 300million accounts created in more than 20 years. So the amount of talented people that have been a part of the game is immense."

After the success of the partnership together with Games By Malcs, Pfeiffer states that he's interested in working more collaboration with indie developers across the world if they're creating ideas that "align with RuneScape's design philosophy and Jagex's core values" and is hoping Melvor's success will motivate more independent developers to reach out to Jagex Studios.

With version 1.0 of Melvor Idle out, Games By Malcs and Jagex are working together on future content, and other potential titles that are set in Melvor. Melvor universe. Malcolm is thankful to Jagex for its continued help, especially when it is to reach new players.

"They have also been fantastic at making sure Melvor Idle is able to reach more players than I've had the chance to reach by myself including players from the RuneScape community as well as further afield," said the author. "With the launch of the full version in the near future, I'm excited meeting with Jagex on making Melvor Idle a bigger success, as well as on future projects."

Echoes of Yore is the name of the brand new MMORPG from indie developer Gellyberry Studios. It is said to be similar to classics like RuneScape and Tibia and is played with iso-perspective. The game's focus is on finding the art of crafting, creating your own home , and taking on a risk in dungeons.

What game is this? Etyrial Echoes of Yore wants to bring back the old classics with a modern engine with buy osrs gold safe. You create a character that does not belong to any class, but is instead defined through the use of skills and equipment. Through this, you can discover the world of Irumesa.