uvc lights for healthcare
Get 100% Original Genuine UV Light Steriliser at Muvi, we offer the best UV light sterilisation and UVC lights for healthcare services at an affordable price.

uvc lights for healthcare


Get Light and Air Clean Medical Devices in Australia, Muvi-UV is the best Victorian healthcare & medical research company in Australia:-

MUVi is a locally owned Victorian healthcare and medical research company that designs, develops and produces equipment for the hospital disinfection space and is currently establishing hospital partnerships in Australia and Internationally:- The primary purpose of the company is to enhance response to infectious diseases through novel automated germicidal technologies to reduce Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) and kill superbugs on highly touched contaminated surfaces.

MUVi is supplying its disinfection technology during the COVID-19 pandemic and has gained significant acquisition of customers for the MUViLight in Australia – Hospitals, Dental, Aged-Care, Child-care Workplaces, and Fitness – Yoga and Gym.

MUVi is a spin-out company Duplex Healthcare. The parent company has more than 25 years’ experience supplying infection control equipment to aged care providers, medical centres, dental and veterinary clinics across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe.

Rapidly reduce the transmission of viruses & pathogens

Ensuring disinfection and decontamination at all times is the utmost importance to prevent the spread of pathogens and Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs). MUVi technology can be used to disinfect high risk areas, rooms, equipment, surfaces and air, providing a lethal dose of UVC that is proven to kill 99.9% viruses and superbugs in just one cycle.

Uv light and air clean medical devices

Get Light and Air Clean Medical Devices in Australia, Muvi is the best Victorian healthcare & medical research company in Australia. Contact - 1300 067 805 UV Light and Air Clean Medical Devices - Muvi air disinfection system

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