What Steps Must One Take After the Water Damage?
The most devastating thing that one can experience is extreme flooding or water damage to their house. Whether one deals with the leaking pipes, an issue with sewer backups, or the water damage caused after the fire, all can cause serious problems.

Further, the matter gets even worse when no time is left to manage the damage. Initially, one needs to check for the leaks and then reach out to the Water Damage Professionals Atlanta. However, to help one deal with the situations, here are the instant steps that one needs to perform after the water damage to prevent additional damage. 



Steps to take after water damage in the house


1) Reach out to the insurance company


After the insurance company is notified, they will send an adjuster to assess the damage and determine the covered loss. It is suggested that house owners list the value of every item before, during, and after the cleanup procedure to help the adjuster make a proper estimate. 


2) Protecting valuables


Water damage is a major disaster, and this is the reason for one to act cautiously to keep the following things in mind:


  • Try to turn off the power to avoid further damage as water and electricity never go well together and can cause further damage.

  • Try to wear protective clothing while entering the house to prevent injuries and other issues caused by bacteria-filled water. 

  • Try to protect the valuables by adding tin foil under the feet to avoid staining, and one can even remove the rugs from the wet flooring. 


3) Try to seek prompt water damage services 


Before reaching out to the professionals at Water damage repair Atlanta, it is essential that one documents all the damage before contacting the insurance company. If possible, get the water restoration services started within 24-48 hours. Some professionals offer plumbing and sewage cleanup services to prevent further damage.


4) Identify molds


Generally, the mold starts to develop after 24 hours of water damage and can worsen the situation. So, seek services from the restoration providers who help fix the molds issue and significantly reduce the chances of getting molds. 


5) Deciding what needs to be restored


The repair of the water damage consumes a lot of time, and there are situations when flooring and walls must get replaced. So, if there is a need for major construction, then make sure to hire an expert. 


6) When to move back in the house


After the Water Removal Company McDonough has completed the restoration process, all the claims are settled with the insurance companies. One must move to their house once all the repairs are done to avoid issues in the future. 


Final Thoughts


Water damage is a devastating thing that one can experience in a lifetime. So, if one ever encounters such a problem, they can use the following details and seek the best help for the restoration.