Baggage screening machines available with latest technology and 160kV generator
Baggage screening machine comes with an x-ray generator operating at 150kV. X-ray screening is an advanced multi-view X-ray system for the automatic detection of solid and liquid explosives in cabin baggage. The purpose of airport security screenings is to prevent dangerous goods from entering aircraft.

X-RAY INSPECTION-Large Baggage Scanners - Dutco Tennant LLC

It has become extremely important and common to perform the security check of cargo, baggage, and others; our society is increasingly getting more concerned about security and safety. Situations that need a high-security level are getting much more diversified. For example, you can take security screening at the airport; inspect the transported cargo via water or air. Non-destructive X-ray can be used for inspecting internal objects which is an indispensable technology in the modern day. Dutco Tennant LLC offers a wide range of X-ray baggage scanner machines that have been designed for non-destructive inline X-ray inspection which includes arrays of photodiode and X-ray-based line scan cameras. They are used in several applications ranging from mail screening, baggage inspection to container and cargo inspection.

Baggage Scanning Machine is extremely cost-effective and has been designed for meeting the main requirements of custom facilities, airports, parcel services, carriers. Our product line has been created for meeting the coexistent requirements of security that offers effective and innovative screening solutions. The operator is allowed to check for any types of explosives, weapons, fuses, drugs, and dangerous objects by the dual-energy X-ray inspection which can represent any safety hazard. A wide range of heights of conveyor sizes of the tunnel and load capacities are comprised by baggage, parcel, and small cargo inspection systems that allow for the reinforcement and building of the infrastructure of security screening practically any facility. With the use of comprehensive operating software, any user can get high-class images with ease and pass them to the tools of image adjustments. Effective use of the inspection system is assured by built-in archiving and TIP function. The complete integration of our product line with all our other supplied products creates the most comprehensive checkpoint of inspection for individuals and their personal items. X-ray baggage scanner machines with a tunnel size which has been increased for screening oversized luggage, baggage, parcels, and large crates. For this application, we offer 10 systems having tunnels that range from 58.4 cm x 78.3 cm to 120 cm x 100 cm. These X-ray baggage scanner machines are manufactured by Astrophysics Inc. They are renowned all over the world for designing, delivering, and building X-ray scanners for securing the missions of our customers all over the world. They have brought out amazing technologies for detecting and identifying hidden threats to help protects transportation, critical infrastructure, and trade. They are committed to their mission for which they are trusted all over the world by clients. We proudly supply their exceptional range of X-ray baggage scanner machines.

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