OnePlus Nord N300
OnePlus is a company that has a reputation for building high-quality flagship smartphones.

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OnePlus is a company that has a reputation for building high-quality flagship smartphones.

They're not always the most attractive devices on the market, but their price point is more reasonable than you might think. For instance, the OnePlus Nord N300 costs just $228, and the company is offering a free one if you switch to Sprint or T-Mobile. In addition to that, the company has committed to offering two-year security updates.

OnePlus Nord N300 features

The Nord N300 has a number of features that you might not expect to see on a sub-$250 phone. For instance, the device has a 48-megapixel primary camera. It also features a 16-megapixel front-facing camera.

The camera works well in bright conditions, but it won't compete with phones with higher-end lenses. It's possible to use the depth sensor, though, which might help in some cases. The device also has a 5,000mAh battery. It's also equipped with a dedicated mobile hotspot app and a headphone jack.

The display of the Nord N300 dips down to a sub-1080p resolution, which is fine for streaming YouTube videos and other light uses. However, it struggles to remain bright enough when in direct sunlight. That's not a problem if you're looking for a budget phone, but if you're looking to take some shots, you'll need to adjust the settings to ensure you have enough light.

The Nord N300 also uses Panda Glass instead of Gorilla Glass 3. It's a Chinese alternative that costs less. Its plastic material has a slight texture and is lightweight.

The design of the Nord N300 is reminiscent of the N20, which is also made by OnePlus. It's squared-off and features a glossy camera bump. It also features a plastic rear panel. The finish is lightly textured with a sandstone-like sheen. However, there's no ringer switch.

The Nord N300 has a 6-inch display, but it's not the largest on the market. The display is also a little bit soft, especially in bright sunlight. It's good enough for YouTube streaming and other light uses, but it's not as tack-sharp as you might expect.

The N300 has a 5,000mAh battery, but it's not quite 18 hours of battery life.

That said, the phone does have a side-mounted fingerprint reader. It has a dedicated mobile hotspot app and an official T-Mobile app. It's also compatible with Android's Digital Wellbeing feature, which encourages users to set "do not disturb" settings for certain times of the day. That's similar to the Screen Time function on iOS. The N300 also includes a built-in Scam Shield and McAfee security apps. It also has expandable storage.

OnePlus Nord N300 price in india

The Nord N300 comes with OxygenOS, a skin for Android that's based on Android 12. It also has some custom fonts, dynamic wallpapers, and a Zen Mode. The latter is a lockout function that prevents users from making phone calls or texting while the phone is in use. It can also be used as an emergency call feature.

The OnePlus Nord N300 isn't a camera that you'll be clamoring for, but it's fine for a budget phone. In addition, it's packed with creature comforts you won't find on any other Android device. It has a headphone jack, a fingerprint reader on the right side, and a speaker on the bottom.


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