We don't have anything we can say about the Diablo
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We don't have anything we can say about the Diablo



If you're unaware, in Diablo 2 you would hire followers to descend on hell's gate along with you. However, once they were killed , you had to hire them again with cold cash. New followers were introduced in every zone Diablo IV Gold, which meant there were some who were better than other followers.


This evolved into Diablo 3, where instead of hiring mercenaries to help you, you obtained three different characters during the story's campaign. There was the Scoundrel Sorceress and Templar that represented ranged DPS tanks, ranged DPS, and magical user respectively.In the course of my Diablo 4 adventure I only encountered helpful NPCs that stayed around for a dungeon or two then rode of into the sunset. When I inquired of Jackson about how the follower function works in the game, they said "for the first versions of the game we will have certain areas in the story in particular where you'll find certain named NPCs that will be following you and helping players figure out the what Lilith is up to in the world.


"We don't have anything we can say about the Diablo 2-type follower you've hired - we'll stick with the campaign for now." The emphasis is on the"for now.


With a wry smile they continue "stay on the lookout, we might have something exciting in the near-term to announce but no promises." The announcement immediately provoked an immediate response from the producer of the dungeon Ash Sweetring, who channelled her the Mr. Burns with an 'interesting hand gesture that was playing in the background. That's what I call sus.If you're wondering if any variant of the follower system is to make it into Diablo 4, I would prefer it to be the Diablo-2-style hired guns instead of the ubiquitous companions. I liked the vast array of abilities that followers offered when they played Diablo 2 and would love to see this expanded upon. This will open up more opportunities for different build types buy Diablo 4 Gold, as well as awesome demon-slaying ability chains.