Everything you need to know about midcentury city furniture design trends. | GWG Outlet
Midcentury furniture has recently gained immense popularity due to its elegance and high functionality. Midcentury furniture was popular after the second world war, which highlighted the economic growth and modern lifestyle.

Everything you need to know about midcentury city furniture design trends. | GWG Outlet

What Is Midcentury Modern Style?

The mid century furniture is a broad class of furniture and design inspired and used during the eras of 1933 to 1965. Currently, people are obsessed with modern style and design trends. The Mid Century Modern furniture style has a long way to go, and many different design trends have influenced today, known as the Mid Century Modern style.

One can trace the roots of Mid-century modern furniture back to post-World War II. The style strongly signifies the return of soldiers and the economic boom America witnessed after the war. During this period, many significant changes in the neighborhood and the city furniture used by the people. The midcentury furniture emphasized geometric shapes and curves, making the furniture look more elegant.

The main focus of Mid Century Modern furniture emphasizes that the furniture needs less ornament and needs to be highly functional. The Midcentury furniture is made from special teak or rosewood making this furniture to be highly durable. The use of other materials such as metals, Vinyl, and glass was also incorporated to make furniture. The colors which were used were also very bold accent colors. These were a few main characteristics of the Midcentury furniture.

Midcentury Modern furniture has gained immense popularity due to its adaptability and how well these pieces of furniture are designed to improve the beauty and overall functionality of the furniture. These furniture slowly became popular to be used in multipurpose ways. All of these resulted in the immense popularity of Midcentury furniture in the Midcentury modern style. The popularity of these design trends seems to continue efficiently.

 Here, we have mentioned a few easy design tips while working with Midcentury furniture.

Design Tips


Suppose you are looking for design trends that help you make changes in your home inspired by the Midcentury Modern style. Wood is an essential feature of Midcentury modern furniture. In that case, we have some tips to share on accentuating your living space by using wooden furniture and having a home inspired by Midcentury modern furniture style.

When planning to have a space inspired by Midcentury furniture, then one important characteristic of the use of this furniture is to be minimalistic, and one must focus more on the functionality of the space. In simple words, you should avoid cluttering the place with furniture. So you would want to choose two or three centerpieces in your home. This could be a curvy wood dining table or a massive wall hanging on the wall. Make sure the entire look of the room revolves around the centerpiece. You can also use patterns and design trends for your furniture while following the flow. It is always better to plan out the outline and keep it so you can make changes later.

With Proper accessories, you can even make your basic-looking furniture into Midcentury furniture. You were using Accent pillows which are small, and blankets. You can even DIY and swap the legs of your old coffee tables. Remember to be accessories minimalistically, and you want to avoid overdoing it. You can place a small plant that complements the table and the space around it. You can use centerpieces such as wall clocks made from wood or even brass that are eye-catching Midcentury furniture. The best color of pillows and blankets that resembles the era is gold, burnt orange, rust, and mustard. There are many stores where you can choose to buy accessories, like Ashley's furniture, where you can find modern and unique accessories for your home.

Midcentury furniture is very blendable, and you mix them with any city furniture and design trends. You can combine your new furniture with Midcentury furniture and create some highs and lows, which means allowing yourself to have fun. A room reflects your personality, and you can add some pattern-shaped or fur rugs; all of this will help you elevate your space. The main focus of the house should be to make you feel at home.

The Midcentury furniture complements well with Irregular shapes like biomorphic shapes. Life forms inspire biomorphic shapes, and these shapes often used are circles and irregular. A variety of city furniture is available, like a rough desk shape made from material like glass that can be used around Midcentury seatings. You can mix geometries and create a look.

Your ambient lighting plays an important role while following Midcentury modern design trends. There are a few renowned lighting used in the era, and they are still prevalent. One example is Acro lamps which you can use near your study desk or working desk, and the Sputnik Chandelier is perfect for dining space or conference rooms. The PH5 pendant lamp is a Danish inspired light system, a multilayered design light made of metal and porcelain. Having favorable statement lighting helps in enhancing the overall look of the house.

With aesthetics and functionality, the Midcentury furniture design trends also focus on quality and building a room that is done well. To maintain the right style of furniture is blended with the color. Using pieces inspired by Midcentury furniture needs to be taken care of. Materials like wood can decay, so buying good quality furniture is essential.

These design trends will help you elevate your living space. You can blend your city furniture and even style them according to your needs. The important goal of interior design is to make your living space much more comfortable. A midcentury modern style home is the perfect home aesthetic for you. The mid-century modern style design trends focus on creating a multifunctional, comfortable space. The same applies to Midcentury furniture, which is perfect for modern living.

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