Get Unmatched and Professional Architectural Photography Services
Are you an architect or interior designer and require the best Architectural Photography in Ottawa? Photolux Commercial Studio is the perfect place to go. We can help you to capture the soul of your property/site for marketing purposes.  

Photolux Commercial Studio is proud to provide the best architectural photography services in the industry. We can help you capture the soul of your property/site for marketing purposes, or as an advertising photographer for your company's advertising. We offer professional Architectural Photography services for commercial and residential properties, including interior design, architect's and property management projects.

Our services are unmatched and our portfolio is a proof to the fact that we know what we're doing. Photolux Commercial Studio will deliver top quality images enabling you to leave a lasting impression on potential clients. We can provide your property/site with a sense of depth and clarity that attracts attention from clients and customers alike. We provide our service in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, and surrounded areas.

With a range of over seven years experience in the industry Photolux Commercial Studio offers a range of site photography services to Food photographer, Composite, Drone Photography, Interior Designers and Commercial Business Photography. From one off projects to annual portfolio updates our experienced photographers are able to capture your properties at their best for marketing purposes. Our professional architectural photography team will help you to create the right atmosphere to promote your services at affordable price.

This is a new type of photography that was not common some years ago; this kind of modern photography solution is becoming very popular. So many people have shown interest in hiring the services of a professional photographer to take their company's advertisement photos, so it's about time for you to do the same thing. We will guide you through the process, meet with you and learn what kind of images you are looking for. It sells your ideas, products, and services and therefore has to reflect the image of your company.   

Your business is important, and you will benefit a great deal from taking an attractive and professional picture of it. No matter what industry you are in, customers love good pictures of your locations. The end result will be just one more reason for them to come back for more! This will help you to make sure that you are getting the best deal, contact us at 613-227-5209 today and visit our website:  if you want an example of our work.