Some Important Things to look out for when choosing Junior College
Durgadevi Saraf Junior College (DSJC) is very popular among many as one of the best junior colleges in Mumbai.

Junior Colleges constitute a significant part of a student's life after high school education. Therefore, deciding on the best colleges to proceed with higher education is crucial. Durgadevi Saraf Junior College (DSJC) is very popular among many as one of the best junior colleges in Mumbai. So, if you are willing to study in any stream in Western India, DSJC is an excellent choice. It operates under the group of Rajasthani Sammelan Educational Trust or RSET. The faculty always focuses on the development of the students from different aspects along with high-standard academics. "Humility alone can enhance Knowledge" is the primary motto of this reputed institution. The bachelor courses are available under all three typical streams, viz. Commerce, Science, and Arts. It is gaining massive popularity in Mumbai as well as in entire India. So, make the best decision of your life by filling up the form for this year's admission to DSJC.

Conditions To Select The Best Junior College

Are you looking for the best junior colleges in Mumbai? If you have given the board exam for the 12th standard or searching for a standard college for your child, please go through this content. DSJC is famous throughout the country for being one of the excellent junior colleges in Malad Mumbai. Moreover, besides the local students, learners from various parts of the country come here to improve their careers.

But many guardians often remain tensed about choosing the best junior college. Furthermore, Star City is now gaining recognition for housing the best junior colleges in Mumbai. When it comes to selecting the junior colleges in Malad Mumbai, the name Durgadevi Saraf comes at the top. However, before making the final decision, please keep in mind the following considerations while selecting a junior college.

Education and CultureThe most important point you should consider in selecting the best junior colleges in Mumbai is the college's educational standards, cultural ambiance, and expertise. Undoubtedly, every student deserves the best education for a bright future. Hence, making a good choice after passing the 12th standard is essential to pave the path to a promising career.

DSJC is considered one of the top-class junior colleges in Malad Mumbai because of its value-based education. In 2022, the college has already completed almost four decades and stands high among many institutions to provide the best education to all learners.

·   Campus and Infrastructure

You must pay attention to the infrastructure when choosing the junior-level study center after school. Today, the fees of colleges are incredibly high because of the modern infrastructure and lavish arrangements. However, it does not mean that expensive institutions and extensive infrastructure will make a good college. You have to be sure about both the environment and campus facilities while opting for the best junior colleges in Mumbai.

DSJC has the following facilities for the students:-

·   Library

·   Air-conditioned IT Lab

·   Advanced Science Lab for easy practical work

·   Auditorium

·   Well-designed Classroom

·   AC Seminar Hall

·   Playground

·   Faculties

The faculties constitute the backbone of any reputed institution. Hence, as a responsible parent or student, you must collect enough information to ensure that the professors of the institution have a good name in imparting knowledge on different subjects. The junior colleges in Malad Mumbai will let you come across outstanding professors who take great care of the students and make them easily understand the topics.

·   Awards and Recognitions

The final point to consider is the awards and global ranking of the junior college. As per the records, DSJC has already won multiple awards and honors for occupying the top position among the best junior colleges in Mumbai.


Hope, the above information has helped you decide the best junior colleges in Mumbai according to your preferences and eligibilities. RSET has a good name for imparting quality education in India. So, be carefree as you select a college under its banner.