7 Top Benefits of Extra Co-Curricular Activities for Students
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Extra-curricular activities play a crucial part in students' overall growth and development. Apart from school academics, extra-curricular activities offer something enjoyable to do. Best schools pay special attention to children's cognitive, physical and academic development via promoting extra-curricular activities.

Benefits of Extra Co-Curricular Activities for Students

Examples of co-curricular activities are art club, student council, sports teams, student newspaper and science club. Participation in these co-curricular activities benefits children in many ways. Below are some of the key benefits of Extra Co-Curricular Activities for Students

1.      Improved Academic Performance

Extra-curricular activities play a very important role in getting good academic grades. According to various researches, participating in extra-curricular activities increase brain function and concentration powers of children, which helps them in getting higher grades in studies. Studying and examination need strong problem-solving skills, creativity, memory sharpness and critical thinking; extra-curricular activities help boost these skills. Students who participate in these activities have a more positive attitude towards education and sports that helps in their overall development.

2.      Higher Self-Confidence

Extra-curricular activities also benefit in increasing the self-confidence of the students. Achieving success in these activities motivates them to participate in more and more educational and sports competitions, as the success realizes them their self-worth and talent, which gives a massive boost in their confidence. A good self-confidence is an important tool for progressive and positive mental health & wellbeing.

3.      Broad Social Skills

Children can make friends while participating in extra-curricular activities. In this way, these activities offer opportunities to expand social skills, networks and communication. Due to the nature of various extra-curricular activities, children are bound to engage with like-minded children in events that they all love doing, which offers a great chance to get mix-up with each other. Schools like Vels Vidyashram, the Best Senior Secondary School in Chennai, always encourage students to participate in extra-curricular activities to enhance their social skills. 

4.      Attain Essential Life Skills

One of the top benefits of extra-curricular activities is that students learn essential life skills by performing these activities. These skills include teamwork, goal setting, leadership, problem-solving, public speaking, analytical thinking, etc. Furthermore, extra-curricular activities help students to overcome peer pressure associated problems. 

5.      Better Time Management

Extra-curricular activities also teach time management skills & prioritizing work, which benefits them at later phases of their education and post-education. When students participate in extra-curricular activities, they attempt to balance time between school and academic workload and hobbies. Parents must encourage their wards to participate in these activities and Apply Now in schools that promote extra-curricular activities.  

6.      Enhance Resumes

Getting success in extra-curricular activities alongside academic achievements is good to include on a job resume to show the evidence of overall interests and skills. Without much prior work experience, certificates of extra-curricular activities are one of the ways that would impress the hiring managers to evaluate your skills, abilities and work ethics.

7.      Universities Admission

Extra-curricular activities also add extra points to students resume while they apply for admissions to universities. These activities show that the candidates have varied interests and inquisitiveness to learn outside the traditional classroom education, and they can go beyond and above to grow new skills.

Now we know, students who take part in activities along with the academic curriculum develop their sense of commitment towards everything, which helps them in future life. Contact Us at Vels Vidyashram to learn more regarding our academic and extra-curricular program.