How to choose the best stroller fan
If the only place to position the fan is canopy, an octopus fan with bendy legs cannot be attached to this flat surface. Clip on fans, instead, would be the ideal choice for you because it is universal and clips onto almost anything.

#1 Design Safety

Stroller fans with a shield can prevent the curious fingers from entering.


But you might notice some fans are available with sponge blades and no casing.


Although the blade materials are safe, children could grab and tear the blades off.


Just to be on the safe side, keep the fan out of the children’s reach.


A sturdy clip can keep the fan in place while in use. If you are run with a stroller from time to time, a tripod fan with bendable legs would grab tightly on the surface. There’s no risk of releasing its grip and injuring the kids.


The speed should be adjustable to keep the baby cool while at a safe temperature. Children, especially newborns, can lose body heat faster than adults.


#2 Adjustable speed


Being able to adjust the fan speed based on temperature and the baby is a bonus.


Stroller fans have 3 to 4 speed settings, controlled by a button or knob.


You can switch to the highest setting when it is sweltering hot. When your baby is sleeping, run the fan on low to keep it as quiet as possible.


Top speed consumes more battery energy than the lower speed. For a 4400mah fan, the runtime differs anywhere from 4hours to 40hours, depending on the speed settings.


#3 Rotation and oscillation


Child doesn’t sit still. You might need to adjust the angle every time your kid moves or sleeps in various positions.


A stroller fan with the turning capability allows you to point the airflow where you need.


Somes fans have an oscillation feature. The fan head automatically moves from left to right. The extensive air coverage can also help keep the mosquitoes away.


#4 Clip and grip


The great thing about a stroller fan is its portability.


You want to make sure the clip opens wide enough to fit on the stroller, crib, or any other surface. A strong clamp will stay in place when the stroller hits rough terrain like gravel, grass, cracked sidewalks, or dirt road.


Some stroller fans with flexible bendy legs are a great option if you like to jog with stroller. It provides a firm grip and will not pop off the stroller.


Clip with some rubber padding is another bonus. It protects the stroller handle from scratches and creates extra friction.


#5 Battery life and charging methods


Most stroller fans are battery powered. On average, a single battery can last between 2~4 hours on the highest speed settings. When looking for battery information, keep the intended purpose in mind. If you are a camping guy, a stroller fan with 2 rechargeable batteries will make a great camping fan as well. They can last all day long when running at a slower speed. If you don’t understand the meaning of mah or voltage, check this guide on 18650 battery.


Stroller fans have a standard USB port. You can easily plug it into the computer or an independent power pack if it runs out of battery. Some stroller fans can even function as a power bank. They are able to charge your phone when being outside.


#6 Ease of cleaning


Although stroller fans are low maintenance, they do gather dust and grime. You don’t want the fan to circulate dust and pollen in the air, which increases the risk of baby allergies. Cleaning is quite easy. All you need to do is remove the front cover and wipe the fan blades. After that, make sure to put it back and tighten all the screws. So the toddler cannot open the casing to access the blades.


#7 Weight


A lightweight stroller fan is easy to carry and store in your diaper bag. A heavy fan is not an issue if you attach it to the stroller handle. But, if the canopy is where it clips onto, the extra weight could cause the canopy to sag and pull it closer to the baby’s face. You also don’t want it to be a nuisance while maneuvering the stroller over an uneven path.


#8 Noise level


Good quality fans generate little noticeable sounds. Babies usually respond well to white noise. Fan’s soothing hum can get the infant into a sound sleep.


However, some stroller fans are built with poorly made motors, and the fan blades haven’t been firmly attached to the assembly. That’s why they have clicking noise when running at high speed.


If the fan noise exceeds the recommended level for babies, it could cause hearing loss of your child. Make sure to check the decibel level when buying the best stroller fan.