Corporate Storytelling
We were approached by the founder of ????️ NeatStreets ????️to help them communicate the true value of the road fault reporting app.

They were having problems explaining why people should use it and the benefits it could have for the users.

So we put our heads together and put pens to paper and came up with a conceptual framework to tell the story in only 30 seconds!

We created the framework by identifying the key problem the product solved. Then matched them to a sequence of images that would unfold into a problem-solution format.

The results! A clear and concise video that engages with a broad audience with a demonstration on how the app works and the problem they solve in just 30 seconds. ⏰????

In today’s world, brands are competing on more than just price and product quality. They must also be able to communicate their value proposition effectively through stories. Corporate storytelling is an effective way to tell your brand’s story. It helps people understand who you are, what you do and why they should care about you.