Enjoy Wine Tasting Tours in Long Island
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It’s wisely said that, “grapes love beautiful places” and wine tours are an absolute treat for wine connoisseurs, aficionado and enthusiasts alike. Not only do you get a chance to taste your favorite wines but you also learn the process of winemaking. Long Island Wine Tours are a great way to enjoy the beautiful lush green vineyards of Long Island.
Planning a wine tour isn’t only about hiring a Cheap Party Bus Long Island sipping some wine. It’s about the entire experience of enjoying your ride, feeling the beauty of your surroundings and tickling your taste buds.
Here are some tips to plan a wine tour that you’ll thoroughly love:

  1. Book in advance - Book your tour and your vehicle in advance. Last minute enquiries can lead to disappointment as wineries have limited availability.
  2. Book a vehicle - Tasting all those wines can get you a little tipsy. Plus, you’ll probably have to drive between wineries to get around. So it’s better to hire a vehicle and a have a designated driver.
  3. Start early - It’s better to start and reach early to avoid the crowd at the winery. This will help you explore more and get one-on-one attention.
  4. Choosing the right winery - The largest wineries are the busiest and likely, least personal, so we recommend choosing one of those smaller, boutique wineries if you want to make your trip authentic and more memorable.
  5. Have a hearty meal - Before embarking on a wine tasting journey, it’s recommended to eat something to avoid getting tipsy. Make sure it’s not too spicy or over seasoned. Your taste buds should be neutral to understand the taste of the wines properly. Some wineries even have on-site restaurants and plan a menu that matches perfectly with their wines.
  6. Follow the right order of progression - Go with the flow at the tasting counter. Wines are poured and tasted, from light to dry to sweet. If you start with a big bold red wine, it’ll adversely affect your perception of a light, dry wine.
  7. Know your taste - Know what kind of wine you like - Always have an answer ready to the question, “What sort of wine do you like?” You don’t have to be too specific, but if you can provide some preference that’ll be a good starting point for the host to offer something that your taste buds prefer.
  8. Try something new - Knowing your taste is a good start but keeping an open mind has its advantages! Try different styles. You might find a new favorite, and it's a great way to learn more about wine.
  9. Avoid too much cheese - Sometimes a tasting room offers cheese samples along with the wine tasting. Avoid eating too much so that it doesn’t alter your perception of the wine's taste.
  10. Family-friendly winery - If you’re interested in converting your wine tour into family time, search for wineries that can make for a great family day out. There are wineries that host children. They offer family-oriented activities and workshops and grape juice tasting for the kids.
  11. To buy or not to buy - Last but not the least, never feel obligated to buy a bottle of wine just because you went on a tour. You’re there for a tasting, which means you do just that. If you love the wine then we recommend taking a bottle or two home with you at the end of the day.

Just about every winery offers a warm and a friendly wine tasting experience. Have fun, ask questions, and taste all you can. Wine is meant to be shared and enjoyed, and what better place to do it than the winery itself with a scenic wine trail.

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