Things to know before hiring your Long Island Party Bus
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Your party starts in the party bus when you have the right people, music and food. But selecting a reliable yet cheap party bus Long Island can be a little challenging. However, if you want to have a fun and safe night without costing you a fortune, you need to spend a little time doing your homework.

Here are a few tips on selecting a party bus:

  1. Check out Long Island party bus companies - Do some research before you make any bookings. Many companies claim to have the best prices and service, but you need to choose the one that’s authentic and has all the facilities you need to make your trip enjoyable.
  2. Ask about insurance and permits - This is extremely important. Whether it’s just a casual prom party bus in Long Island or a corporate travel vehicle, legal, insurance and a permit license number is a must. You can check for the number on the front and back bumper of the bus. 
  3. Qualified drivers - Get the details of the driver of the party bus. Make sure he has a driver’s license, is experienced and maintains daily logs, along with regular inspections.
  4. Make reservations ahead of time - Whether you book a party bus for a prom night, an event or a wedding, make sure to make the booking ahead of time, especially during the holiday and wedding season. Also consider the cancellation and reschedule policies to  know what to expect if something unexpected comes up.
  5. Choosing your vehicle - Decide on the size of your vehicle depending on your budget, number of people and the occasion. With so many options available, you can easily find a cheap party bus in Long Island to fit your needs.
  6. Determine the full cost of the trip - When you hire a party bus you’ll usually be provided with a base rate. This base rate may not include extra facilities you may want or the tip for the driver. Also keep a slush fund in case your trip may take a little longer than you’ve planned. Be sure that you know the final cost of the trip and all the additional charges that may incur, before you decide on booking.
  7. Check the music, food and drinks - Different party bus companies have different music, food and drinks options. Some companies offer packages for purchase while others allow you to bring your own music playlist, food and refreshment aboard. Check your company’s policies and offerings, and then plan accordingly.
  8. Plan your routes - Create an itinerary ahead of time. Let the company and the driver know if your trip is one direct destination or has stops along the way. This way, you can avoid confusion while you enjoy your party bus.

Bus tours can be fun. Select the right company and take the right steps to start your party from the moment you enter a party bus Long Island.