relaxing game
Gaming can be an escape from the real world, or it can give us a new persapective on things. Sometimes, it’s even both at once.

relaxing game

About Flagle

Flagle is developed based on the famous wordle game. Instead of decoding the letters, you will decode the image by selecting the countries of the world. You have 6 attempts to guess the country of this day. Each time you fail, a part of the national flag image will appear to suggest you the answer.

Besides the image of the national flag, there will be a distance and direction to the secret country, if you are knowledgeable about geography, it will be a great suggestion for you to solve the mystery, otherwise, start looking for an answer. other judgment.

After 6 failed attempts, the entire national flag will appear with the answer, you will gain more knowledge and have to wait for the next challenge.

What do you know about Posterdle?

Are you sure you know many movies, including their posters? If you are a movie lover then surely you will not be able to miss the extremely attractive new game - Posterdle . This game will help you test your understanding of movies.


The game was released at the end of March. The game is similar to the name Music Guess Heardle in that it tests users by asking them to guess the music in a one-second segment. Similarly, you must guess the movie by looking at the stickers on the puzzle. Different scenes will be compressed into different posters. The scene will become more typical the next time you skip it. If you correctly guess the movie, you can share your score on social media and challenge your friends.